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Football Manager 2014 - What We Know - 9th September

First up, Friday. As part of Miles' 1-a-day, the game now holds presidential elections for those clubs who have an election based system to elect a chairman. Good stuff, but I'm not sure it'll change the dynamics of the game too much.

Anyway, we also got another in-depth video:

A bit too much in it to summarise it, but it's a great insight into the new "match day experience" and has information on the new player roles mentioned last week. It's only 6 minutes long, so give it a watch!

Now, onto today...First of the teases, players will now be open to signing for a rival club, unless they personally dislike the club bidding for them. Makes total sense this. Just because you want to sign a Spurs player managing Arsenal doesn't mean that they game should all but stop you from doing so no matter how much you offer the player. Will be great to see this in practise!

Next, there is a kit sponsorship revamp. Not sure where this is going, so maybe more conditions on the sponsorship, like get promoted and get a bonus of £5 million or similar....

Third, there is improved player recommendations for potential signings. There isn't much to say about this directly, but I'm personally hoping that this means it will have an enhanced scouting system. How else will recommendations be improved without it? Again, this will have to be something to actually use before properly commenting on it's usefulness.

Miles' 1-a-day now. There is going to be an option for clubs to auto-extend contracts by up to 3 years when negotiating contracts. This could go two ways in my opinion. Auto-extend based on specific conditions? Auto-extend if the player wants it at the end of their contract and you haven't renewed it? Who knows. Either way, it's something that I'm sure happens in real life, so it'll be good to have it in the game.

Now a minor UI change. When hovering the 'TRN' icon in the squad list, players with an arranged transfer will display the club they are transferring to, and when it is happening. Also got a screenshot for this:

Posted Image

If nothing else, this shows how multiple status icons will be displayed that was announced a couple of weeks ago!

Now, Norwegian home-grown rules have been updated. I don't call that a feature, simply a database update. another feature. It can only be described as a feature by a stretch. DB updates are something that they do every year anyway....

The final teaser from today - you can choose your own realistic feeder club. I thought this has been possible for at least the last 2 years. Well... I've never had the board ignore my suggestion. Who knows.. Perhaps it's an entirely different system this year?

As a bit of an extra, the Football Manager twitter linked to an interview with Miles discussing how they're making transfers realistic, and how stats play a big part of the game. Nothing in there is revolutionary (that I can tell), but it's a great read. If you have any spare time, I recommend it!

That's all for today. Keep an eye on our Football Manager 2014 Hub during the day tomorrow for the teases as the day goes on and our discussion topic over at the forums!

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